• Recovery From Injury

    Helping riders cope with their reactions to accidents or injury such as anxiety, fear and loss of confidence.

  • Performance Enhancement

    Helping riders learn and apply specific psychological skills to enhance their performances.

  • Sport Psychology and the Equestrian

    Equestrian Sport Psychology is more than the application of mental and emotional skills to maximize performance. It’s the exploration and understanding of the psychological factors that impact or are impacted by our participation in equestrian sport.  

Visualization: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Recently my friend and colleague, Dr. Janet Edgette, had an article published in the Equine Wellness Magazine about dealing with performance anxiety.  I strongly recommend reading the article.  Dr. Edgette was an early mentor of mine and I have always respected her ability to see beyond the mental skills techniques to the underlying individual and […]

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Adventures from a Different Trail

It has been a long time since I have published a blog post.  Recently, I have had a few loyal followers check in, asking where I have been.  Others have been concerned because several of my last posts dealt with the riding accident I had almost two years ago now.  They worried that my recovery […]

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The Importance of Fundamentals

I had the pleasure of auditing the William Fox-Pitt Clinic at Morningside Training Farm last week.   While I was struck by many things I heard and observed, the most striking for me was his focus on the fundamentals of good horsemanship.  Whether he was working with 3*/4* riders and their horses or with riders and […]

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