• Recovery From Injury

    Helping riders cope with their reactions to accidents or injury such as anxiety, fear and loss of confidence.

  • Performance Enhancement

    Helping riders learn and apply specific psychological skills to enhance their performances.

  • Sport Psychology and the Equestrian

    Equestrian Sport Psychology is more than the application of mental and emotional skills to maximize performance. It’s the exploration and understanding of the psychological factors that impact or are impacted by our participation in equestrian sport.  

The Importance of Fundamentals

I had the pleasure of auditing the William Fox-Pitt Clinic at Morningside Training Farm last week.   While I was struck by many things I heard and observed, the most striking for me was his focus on the fundamentals of good horsemanship.  Whether he was working with 3*/4* riders and their horses or with riders and […]

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Overcoming Anxiety: The Power of Relationships

It has been over 12 weeks now since my accident on my young horse Revel.  While I am certain that we will face future challenges together, my hope is that this might be my last post about my physical and emotional recovery from that event.  Since I last wrote about my recovery, I would like […]

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The Latest News from Riding Far

It has been almost two months since writing my last post.  Given that I had been writing about my journey back to riding after my accident, I want to make sure everyone knows that my absence from the blogosphere has not been due to trouble on the path to recovery.  Like for many of us, […]

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