Performance Enhancement Groups

Performance Enhancement Groups


Riding Far, LLC offers performance enhancement groups for riders who benefit from the active support of others.  We offer both office-based and internet based groups.  Internet based groups meet by way of  a FaceTime or Skype group chat.  When you sign up for a group you will receive access to 4 – 75 minute sessions with a group of no more than 5 participants.

Each performance enhancement group meeting starts with an instructional presentation of one or more skill sets and then time is allowed to implement skills and address questions or personal challenges.  In addition to the group meetings, participants can arrange additional individual consultation to support their understanding and application of mental skills to their personal performance.

The groups cover the essential mental skills for success in competition.   Topics covered include motivation, goal setting, energy regulation, positive thinking patterns, visualization and much, much more.

Groups are forming now on an ongoing basis.  For more information or sign up for a group, please contact us:

703.727.3205 or


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